Real life games and Tourism

These few years, as puzzle games have started to become the trend of entertainments, many tourist spots or tourism areas start coming up with events that combine real life games. These types of games are usually held outdoors, and are mostly combined with local features or culture stories. This kind of combination is definitely a good bonus for both game and tourism, and is sure to help with the development of local features.

Tourists get to know more about the local culture

Tourists usually explore a place through guidebooks or receive local info in a more passive way, which results to knowing nothing important and missing out the key info of the place, only stop to take a selfie, check-in on facebook or just grab a souvenir that you will never use, and eventually lose interest to the culture that is actually very attractive. If locals combine the culture with real life games, not only does it promote local culture, but also increases the interest tourists will hold over the culture, and by actually experience part of the thrilling culture, let tourists want to explore the culture actively. A great example was in Japan, year 2014, where SCRAP held an event called “Escape Miyako Island”, and let the tourists explore the island and cooperate with the locals to find keys and clues to unlock the seal of the island, bringing a 2 million USD income to that island.

The unique and irreplaceable feature of the game

Up till now, escape games have started to run out of new ideas and tricks, but if combined with local cultures and attractions, it gives this game a unique and irreplaceable feature. In an era where games, technology and topics evolve so quickly, this is the sort of game type that will keep tourists coming and maintain attractive for a long time. Taiwan’s “Riddle City Studio” comes up with puzzle games that combine outdoor attractions, and have already released topics such as the zoo, the metro, monuments and so on, all have been well praised.

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Decrease operating costs

Compared to standard escape games, this kind of outdoor games don’t need fancy decorations or gadgets, instead they need good use of the local sceneries and attractions. Usually this type of games don’t have a time limit as well, so tourists can explore the place in their own pace, and because of the free use of time, there is no way there can be shift arrangements for a guide to show you around or introduce you to the place. In replacement, apps or websites will be developed, although these are not small money, but compared to human resources this will save a lot of cost.

These types of games are currently separated into two major types: one is design studios develop and design a topic and sell tickets themselves, the other is local tourist spots look for outsource studios and have them handle the whole project. There is no doubt that there are still much space for development, and we look forward to seeing more exciting and outstanding games to stand out!


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