Southeast Asia

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Japan’s SCRAP held its first game “Escape from the Mysterious Cathedral” in Singapore in January 2012, and start the industry. There have been nearly 20 game companies, including 13 escape rooms teams, 5  event-based teams.

Here is an overview of SG industry history (made by Escape SG):

1. S-capegoats (Game Reviews Blogger)
2. Real Escape Game in SG
3. Escape SG



Founded in July 2013, the world’s leading chain of business owners Escape Hunt come from Bangkok, and opened the industry in Thailand. There are not much companies in Thailand, probably within ten. They usually operate in chain store model, ticket price 400-500THB. The room can hold 2-6 players. Most of the locations are located in tourist areas or department stores. The reason is that half of the target consumer are foreign tourists, while the other half are the better economic conditions local people. For example, famous brand Escape Room from Malaysia, choose to open the first Thailand franchise in The MBK mall next to Chulalongkung University, aimed at high-spending groups and foreign visitors.

Most of the company advertise on Facebook, because the local use of social media is very frequent, especially on Facebook platform. It help the word of mouth marketing, even though not having any game review bloggers in Thailand. And repeat customers is often seen in stores, in a news interview of Escape Room, they mentioned that 80% of their customers have played all of their six themes!

Thailand YouTuber’s VLOG playing Escape Room Thailand:

1. Escape Hunt Official Website 
2. รายการ Catch5iT ตอนที่ 59 ช่วงที่ 2/มารู้จัก Escape Room Thailand – 2016.10.05 (Escape Room Thailand News)
3. Newly Opened April 2015, The Escape ROOM! – 2015.06.14 (Thailand Blogger Game Review)



The first escape room opened in July of 2013.

1. ESCMAN LEAGUE (Game Reviews Blogger)
2. Breakout Malaysia



The first room is introduced by the local brand LOST-escape room in 2014. Famous brands such as Escape Hunt and Escape Room have entered the market, but both closed in 1-2 years. There are only two brands currently in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to the local brand LOST-escape room, there is Lost HCMC station from Hong Kong. LOST-escape room have three stores in Ho Chi Minh City, the locations are all in local shopping mall.

1. LOST Escape Room
2. Lost 迷之密室 HCMC Station


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