Up the Game sharing: Escape Game Industry in Asia -the trends and challenges

Hey, subscribers of Asia Escape Game! It's been a while since I went to Up the Game 2018 to share Asian industry, and I finally have the time to share my slides on Asia Escape Game blog! Here is my slides and part of my speech transcript, I will try to finish the whole transcript … Continue reading Up the Game sharing: Escape Game Industry in Asia -the trends and challenges

Southeast Asia

We will keep updating our industrial report from other areas. If you can provide any assistance, please feel free to contact us: asia.escapegame@gmail.com Singapore Japan's SCRAP held its first game "Escape from the Mysterious Cathedral" in Singapore in January 2012, and start the industry. There have been nearly 20 game companies, including 13 escape rooms teams, … Continue reading Southeast Asia


STARTING POINT In Korea, room escape games are also called "room escape café". But in fact, most stores don’t provide drinks or café, the only reason “cafe” appears in the name is because coffee stands an important role in Korea’s pop culture. A Korean would averagely eat kimchi 11.8 times a week, but they would … Continue reading Korea


STARTING POINT When it comes to escape games industry in Asia, Japan is definitely the place if origin! SCRAP founded in year 2004, it was a magazine publishing house back then. Until year 2007, they held the very first puzzle game in Japan called “The Riddle Banquet”, it was an event to celebrate their three-year anniversary, … Continue reading Japan


STARTING POINT In February 2012, SCARP held the first escape game,“Escape from the Werewolf Village” in collaboration with a creative team from Taiwan called [comma , comma] production in Taipei. It was mainly a game of puzzle-solving rather than actual room escaping. Same year later in August, local studio, RMT Games presented “Happily Ever After”, … Continue reading Taiwan


Starting Point In September 2011, SCRAP Entertainment and a Japanese agency called BadNews, held the very first escape game called “Escape from the Werewolf Village” in MaoLivehouse, Shanghai. The game was mostly solving riddles on paperwork, and it didn’t have a real ROOM to escape. In 2012, room escape games started popping out. Shanghai, Hangzhou … Continue reading China