Top 25 Escape Rooms in China (2018.Feb)

This is the list of games recommended by China Escape Game Association(EGA).
(Update: Feb,2018)

The first thing you should know as an enthusiast want to play escape games in China, is that ALL games in China is in Chinese. You would need comprehensive ability for Chinese not only in reading but also in listening.

The second thing you should know is that most of the escape room company use Dianping for their ticket system in China. So you would need an account on Dianping and a local mobile phone to book tickets. That’s why the following list is only in Chinese and the ticket link is all mostly Dianping. If you can’t understand Chinese, be sure to find a local friend to assist you for translation and book the tickets through Dianping.

Third, you should know most of the good rooms are in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Many people would think of Hong Kong when visiting China, and there are games in English in HK indeed. But the games are just OK, which are mostly designed by franchise system company (ex. Freeing HK) around year 2015. If you want to play well-designed and advanced escape rooms, visit this three cities. They are famous for different reason, Beijing’s rooms really like to have actors and they did very good jobs on combining immersive theater elements in to escape rooms. Shanghai’s rooms are good in automatic rooms with well function electronics. They also did a great job on the narrative, and for some reason many of them are horror theme. Guangzhou is especially famous for the horror theme, 9 out of 10 good rooms are horror.

If you want to know more about escape rooms in China, feel free to email us for more information:


  1. 游娛聯盟
  2. 夢徑
  3. 暴風島
  4. 嘿漫吧
  5. TFS 超級密室


    1. 明香女校:2016 / 4-8 人 / 恐怖, 機關
    2. 殷府奇案:2017 / 4-8 人 / 恐怖, 機關, 命案
    1. 暗殺:2015 / 4-8 人 /劇情, 殺手, 懸疑 /
    2. 三國赤壁:2015 / 4-8 人 / 歷史, 機關, 偏難 /


English version(by Escape Room Tips- William):
  1. 消失的密室
    1. 哈利波特
    2. 盜墓筆記
  2. 怪誕小鎮
    1. 晴天娃娃
  3. 逃脫反斗城
    1. 電梯
    2. 那年夏天夕陽如此絢爛
    3. 靈魂當鋪
  4. DOORS
    1. 復仇
    2. Game over

More games recommendation from China EGA:


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