【GAME REVIEW】 BEIJING/ CHINA – The Chinese Ghost Temple

Location: Beijing, China
Team size: 5-12 players
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: ¥150 / player


OMESCAPE is one of China’s biggest chain stores, there are 4 locations alone in Beijing, and three more cities with branches, this time we experienced the one based in Beijing TaiYang Palace.

The location is based in an underground of a building in a commercial area, half of the basement is a snooker area, the other half belongs to OMESCAPE, but since the snooker area isn’t owned by OMESCAPE the whole interior design will stand out quite strongly.

The lobby of store is big and comfortable, it can hold up to 6-7 groups of players, and the walls are full of photos from held events to help players know a little more about them, and also many mini board games to help players kill time.

The whole site owns 7 different themes to choose, and there are 1-2 staffs at the counter welcoming guests politely, not rude but at the same time not as friendly and sincere.

Game Design

The Chinese Ghost Temple is a big-scale automated escape room game, the story background of The Chinese Ghost Temple is based in a Chinese style temple, players will play the role of an exorcism and drive the evil spirit away from the temple to restore peace.

Before the game begins there will be a brief introduction of the story background and players will have 60 minutes on the clock. No staff will appear during the game, they will leave a walkie-talkie for players to ask for help, and watch the players through a surveillance camera.

The game goes in a single mission line with no branches, and players will need to have the ability to locate and discover clues, and will need to operate many electric devices. When done with each stage of the mission, the lights will change to indicate the finish of the mission, and to give you a hint of the next stage.

As the story goes on, players will come to different parts of the game, and you can find the interior and backgrounds very neatly decorated, and also you will notice that many electric devices will need to be operated according to the different lightings and shadows that flow with the story line. The space is quite big, and it brings a very well immersive experience. Players will slowly advance from the outer rim to the secret chamber at the center of the temple, stages are not that difficult, but players will have to travel through scenes and send messages to each other, which will require a certain amount of teamwork spirit.


The Chinese Ghost Temple is a very complete game on all aspects, the story, art, visual design, puzzles, prop operation, scenes, sounds and lightings are all very well designed and can tell that this company is very experienced and honors the games they design.

Most room escape games will emphasize the cool props or difficulty of their puzzles, but The Chinese Ghost Temple advances on the special immersive experience. Players will need to rely on the environment and situation they are facing to operate the props in order to switch between day and night to discover different clues. Although this isn’t as hard as a difficult puzzle, but it really puts the player into the gaming atmosphere. The combine of electric devices and lightings and the ability to react accurately to the players reaction is a what The Chinese Ghost Temple brags about.

Another thing worth mentioning is the stability of the quality. As a big chain store, it is important for them to maintain the same quality in different branches. The Chinese Ghost Temple will sometimes face the awkward situation where devices don’t work correctly or the background and items need to frequently be changed, but it will not affect the whole gaming experience or the player’s mood, it is definitely keeping the quality at a certain level.


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