【GAME REVIEW】 Beijing/ China – Black Pirate Ship


Location: Beijing, China
Company: Mr. MU-NA
Team size: 8 players
Duration: 130 minutes
Price: ¥128 / player


Mr. MUNA is one of the newbies of the industry, now it owns 3 different topic, and is located in a commercial building, it doesn’t have a fancy outlook, but it does have a nice and cozy lobby that can fit 10-12 people, roughly 3 groups of customers, and it even provides dozens of board-games to kill time.

Most of the time the owner will personally welcome you and have 1-2 part-times on the watch, it will definitely bring you a good first impression.

Game Design

The Black Pirate Ship is an automated escape room game that is based on the events that will happen on a pirate ship.

Before the game begins there will be a brief introduction of the story background and players will have 60 minutes on the clock. No staff will appear during the game, they will leave a walkie-talkie for players to ask for help, and watch the players through a surveillance camera.

The story line goes straight with no branches and needs loads of practice on electric devices, no old-style padlocks will be seen during the gaming process. Players will start from the galley and will have to find the way to get access to the captain’s room. Each level acquires the correct way to operate the props to solve the puzzle and get the clue to the next level, for example you need to cook the correct dish and send it to the captain’s room, or steer the ship’s wheel according to the weather outside the ship, or even use laser beams to aim on the positions on the map to fight off enemy ships.

At a certain stage of the game, players will trigger a voice hint that tells us where players are at the game and what missions they will need to face. Most puzzles are based on understanding and operating, and will acquire teamwork, such as steering the wheel while keeping a lookout at the weather outside, this really gives you the feeling of working together on a real ship to avoid dangerous situations.


The Black Pirate Ship is a classic small-scale automated room escape in China, the whole interior design uses real wood to express how it feels like to be on a real ship. The space is approximately 50 m^2, but is full of gadgets, props and interesting puzzles and is always capable of giving us surprises.

Most automated room escape games will use magnetic or RFID sensors, but The Black Pirate Ship puts a lot of effort on hiding these sensors, or wrapping it with style to blend in the whole story. It not only wants players to put something somewhere, but to know how each tool and item works so as to understand the way to operate and solve the puzzle, I believe players who have played this game will understand what I mean when I say they are very careful and thoughtful about every detail.

The mass use of electronic devices will surely mean a chance of a glitch to happen, but The Black Pirate Ship shows great quality of gadgets, all of the sensors (up to at least 15 sensors) can correctly activate, and it is activated at a very accurate rate, avoiding the situation where sensors are not working correctly and leaving players in an awkward position, and by this keeping the game in a very nice and smooth pace.



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